Level 2 Handcuff Appliance Training

Level 2 Handcuff Appliance Training

Being in possession and the use of handcuffs, providing their intended use is for lawful purposes, handcuffs are not an offensive weapon nor are they prohibited in any way. Many areas of the UK encourage the lawful use of handcuffs sanctioned by local police forces; in some cases training is also provided by the local law enforcement teams.

Handcuffing is regarded as a preferable restraint as opposed to group restraint tactics which can pose a threat to the welfare of the person being restrained particularly positional asphyxia. When applying handcuffs the subject should be sitting back on their feet and the restraints should be applied within 30 seconds, the suspect should only be placed in the recovery position as a last resort.

This course is suitable for individual expected to use of handcuffs as part of their operational role.

  • Identification of handcuffs.
  • Loading of Handcuffs.
  • Powers of arrest.
  • Applying Handcuffs.
  • Types of positions.
  • Handcuff – Passive.
  • Handcuff – Active.
  • Positional Asphyxia.
  • Excited Delirium.

Course Duration 1 Day

Course Price £100

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