If a learner already has some form of formal close protection training, it may mean that they are exempt from all or part of the SIA approved training. Arrangements for exemptions and Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) are as follows:

Close Protection operatives who have previously received formal close protection training and are currently employed in an operational close protection role should present themselves to an approved training Centre with evidence of the training they have received. Depending on the date and content of the training they have taken and to what extent the training covered the learning objectives of the new Close Protection Course for licensing, they will be directed to take either the full 138 hours full Close Protection Course or the 24 hour Refresher Course.

Learners who have completed formal close protection training from the organizations listed below, and have remained in an operational close protection role, will be exempt from further training but will be required to take the knowledge test and a practical skills assessment.

  • Special Air Service Regiment Body Guard Course
  • Royal Military Police Close Protection Course
  • Metropolitan Police Royalty Protection/Special Branch Close Protection Course
  • Police National Close Protection Courses including Northern Ireland

Please note: It is important to ensure that training remains current. Therefore, qualifications allowing exemption from the SIA approved training must be no more than three years old, except where otherwise stated.

It is strongly recommended that learners who present themselves for assessment only should consider attending a 24 hour refresher course. Those who have trained in either a police or military environment may find the terminology and procedures to be different in a civilian context and this would give them the best opportunity of passing the assessment.

All learners must take the knowledge test and practical skills assessment.

Course price £500

Course duration dependent on experience

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