HABC Level 2 Award in Underage Sales Prevention (QCF)

This accredited qualification is suitable for learners working in a variety of roles relating to retail or in licensed premises. It provides information on legislation relating to age-restricted products and how to prevent their unlawful sale.

Those completing this qualification can progress onto the Level 2 Certificate in Retail Skills

Modules covered are as follows:


  1. Know current legislation relating to the sale and purchase of age-restricted products

1.1 describe reasons why the law restricts the sale of certain products

1.2 identify which products are age-restricted by law

1.3 identify the legal age-restrictions which apply to the sale of certain products

1.4 identify the legal penalties for employers, employees and customers which apply to the unlawful sale and purchase of age- restricted products


  1. Know how to prevent unlawful sales of age- restricted products

2.1 describe procedures for challenging for proof of age documentation

2.2 describe how to refuse the sale of age- restricted products to minimise the risk of conflict

2.3 describe how to manage conflict arising out of challenges and refusals 2.4 describe the benefits of recording admission and sales refusals


Course cost £40

Course duration 1 day


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