Medicine in remote areas (MIRA)

Course Aim

This course is designed to address the need for pre-hospital care in remote areas and is for individuals wishing to develop these skills to provide emergency care and stabilize a casualty until further help can be obtained. Some examples are for those working in close protection, military, expeditions, emergency services, rescue services and emergency response teams etc. The course combines a range of teaching and learning methods including realistic scenarios, theory, practical, skill stations, and team exercises etc. which develop skills progressively and allow students to make decisions on casualties effectively.

Pre-entry Requirements

  • IHCD First Person on Scene – intermediate or equivalent
  • Pre Hospital Emergency Medical Technician – Basic & Intermediate
  • Military Team Medic qualification
  • Military Combat Medical Technician qualifications, including reserve
  • Medical profession e.g. nurse, paramedic or doctor

Course Content

  • Scene Safety Management e.g. Triage
  • Patient Assessment e.g. primary & secondary survey
  • Administration of Medical Gases e.g. oxygen and nitrous oxide
  • Management of head injuries
  • Basic to advanced airway management skills e.g. surgical airways
  • Life threatening chest injuries e.g. use of needle chest decompression
  • Catastrophic bleeding & blast injuries e.g. pressure points, tourniquets, hemostatic agents, direct and indirect methods of control
  • Shock management e.g. administration of fluids, FAST-Sternal interosseous device and interosseous bone injection gun
  • Improvised vehicle extraction
  • Environmental Illnesses
  • Ballistic Trauma
  • Chest Trauma



The course will be assessed in some or all of the following ways: –

  • Written exam
  • Practical competency assessment
  • Continuous assessment through casualty moulage


Course cost £750

Course duration 5 days

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