In March 2012 the SIA announced the intention to require existing door supervisors who had achieved the pre-QCF Door Supervision qualification (for example the National Certificate for Door Supervision) to undertake additional training in order to renew their license.

HABC have been involved in discussions with the SIA to develop a new qualification that will meet these new requirements for SIA Door Supervisor license renewals.

The new qualification comprises the following two mandatory units:

  • Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry; assessed by a practical test and a written True/False test which is set by HABC and marked by the tutor.
  • Safety Awareness for Door Supervisors; assessed by a 10-question multiple-choice examination which is set by HABC and marked by the tutor.

The new Safety Awareness for Door Supervisors unit of assessment and workbook has been developed to cover the following subjects within the security sector:

  • Counter Terrorism
  • First Aid Awareness
  • Dealing with Children and Young People

You will also receive an advanced search procedure certificate as part of this course you will go more into depth on searching an individual, searching a premises, searching a Vehicle.

Search procedure certificate

Door supervisors must know if the premises management would like customers to be searched as they enter the venue. This search policy will also include how often customers should be searched (e.g. all customers or at random) and whether customers should be searched after they have been admitted to the venue. The search policy may direct door supervisors to search:

  • General search
  • Random
  • Specific

The amount of searching carried out very much depends on the type of venue. The smaller venues with mostly regular customers and not offering entertainment tend to search much less compared to the nightclub that has few regular customers and a larger door supervisor team. Any search completed by a door supervisor discourages customers from bringing weapons and drugs into a venue. Door supervisors also search customers for alcohol and other items not allowed under the house rules, for example, chewing gum.

Right to search by door supervisor

Door supervisors do not have an automatic legal right to search people. However, a venue might have a search policy in place which makes it a condition of entry for customers to be searched as they enter the premises.

What if someone refuses search to door supervisor

Any person who refuses to be searched should be politely refused entry. Generally, most people are happy to provide permission once it has been explained that the search policy is for their protection. If permission is withdrawn at any time during the search the door supervisor must stop searching the person immediately. The customer should then be refused entry to the premises. Door supervisors must have a colleague. To cover them

The role of the support door supervisor is to

Maintain control of the entrance

Assist if the customer attacks the door supervisor conducting the search

Act as a witness against any malicious allegations.

It is best practice to also conduct a search where a  camera can monitor the area.4.Watch for people leaving the queue after noticing a search policy is in place The  behaviour of the door supervisor conducting the search has an effect on· the person being searched. It is important to conduct the search thoroughly and effectively while at the same time being polite, respectful and sensitive towards the person. Where door supervisors conduct a hands-on body search and will be touching the person they should not search customers of the opposite sex. This rule is not necessary when the search involves a metal detector as ‘ the person being searched is not actually touched.

What should door supervisor do with seized items?

Door supervisors can seize weapons or drugs they find during a search. Seizure means that all reasonable steps are made to:

Hand the item to the police as soon as possible

Secure the item in the venue’s safe or a locked drawer to await police collection

Record the process taken until the item reaches the police

How should door supervisor protect themselves during search?

People should be asked to empty their own bags and pockets. A door supervisor should not put their hands into a person’s pockets. When searching a bag a door supervisor should ask the customer to take out the contents for inspection. A door supervisor should always search a person from the side. This is safer than standing ‘square on’ to a person. A person should never be asked to strip. Only ask a person to remove an item of clothing if it is preventing a reasonable search. To protect against infections a door supervisor could1. Wear rubber gloves. Needle-proof gloves can be worn as protection against sharp objects.

Course cost £80

Course duration 2 days

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