Weapon Competency Course

You will qualify on weapon systems M4, AK47, SLR, M9, G17, SS226 and Remington 870. We will train you to operational standards of these systems, using mil-sim weaponry and blank firer systems.


  • Weapons safety & fundamentals
  • Operating functions of the pistol, rifle & shotgun
  • In depth working knowledge (disassembly & reassembly)
  • Basics of shooting (grip, stance, shooting mechanics)
  • Weapons handling & basic shooting techniques (different positions & different directions)
  • Reloading & stoppages (basic )
  • In depth cleaning & maintenance

On completion of this course you will receive ­­­­

  • BMS weapon Competency Certificate


Course cost £300

Course Duration 1 day (Min 6 persons)

Please fill in the form below if you would like us to get in touch with you regarding this course

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